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Big Man on Campus

By Luke Barnes 11/29/2016, 4:15pm CST

On October 1st, Devon Hannah announced his commitment to play basketball at Augsburg University over Twitter.

Devon is a senior at Roosevelt and recently answered a few questions in an interview with The Standard. 

When asked about why he chose Augsburg, Devon said that he loved the coaches, the team,

the facilities, and the campus. He felt that it was the best fit for him to play basketball and get a college degree.

Hannah is a solid student. He maintains a 3.67 GPA and plans to major in business. He wants to get into human resources like his mom.

Hannah’s older brother, Elijah Jr., is a Roosevelt graduate and a freshman basketball player at the University of St. Thomas. St Thomas happens to be in the same athletics conference as Augsburg so there will be plenty of head to head matchups in the brothers’ future.

Hannah says his parents, “felt like I made my decision too much on my own and didn’t consult them enough.” Devon’s dad, Elijah Sr., is a Roosevelt alum and an assistant coach of the Roosevelt Boys Basketball team. Elijah Sr. was the main reason the brothers transferred to Roosevelt from Eastview their sophomore years.

Devon says that he, “thinks he made the right decision for himself in the long run and thinks his parents will think that too, eventually.”

Hannah says he’s preparing for the upcoming season by doing everything he can to get better. Whether watching film, getting in the weight room, or going to the gym, Devon remains a gym rat and is constantly putting in hours in order to get better.

d_hannahHannah is a very active captain. He’s always on his teammates to get into the gym before school in the morning and pushes them to get better. He believes hard work leads to success and makes sure that his teammates understand just that.

Hannah is very optimistic about the season after the team’s performance in summer league and fall league. This is especially true after Roosevelt defeated Washburn in summer league.

When asked about Washburn’s Cortez Adams recent comments on Northstar Hoops Report, who said that Washburn had no reason why they shouldn’t make it to 4A state, Hannah simply said, “I’m not one to comment on those sorts of things.”

With his recruitment out of the way, Hannah is focused and ready to lead the Teddies through a season that should be very full of excitement.

This article was originally published November 4, 2016 on the Roosevelt Standard. Click to view the original article.

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